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A Solution on Our Fingertips

AFib is the most common heart rhythm disorder in the world, affecting 33.5 million people. AFib can lead to disability, stroke, heart failure, even sudden death–but a third of those afflicted never receive a potentially life-saving diagnosis.

Heart for Heart pairs the light sensors on smartphones with a revolutionary technology called PPG to capture heart information in just 90 seconds. Crowdsourcing millions of heartbeats from around the world will transform our knowledge of heart health and enlighten millions of lives.

The app is based on technology called PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) that measures light reflected in the blood.
  • Blood absorbs light and each pulse increases the blood flow in body and finger tips
  • You can therefore keep track of changes in the heart rate by measuring the changes in light absorption
  • The method is similar to the one used in a pulse oximeter and many wearable fitness trackers. In those cases, instead of LED light, infrared is used
  • It is possible to distinguish the difference between a regular heart beat and irregular heart beat.
Over a million beats recorded

Results will be anonymized, compiled and visualized to show how crowdsourced data can help inform the world on heart health patterns.
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