Health View Mobile APP


Awards & Mentions
  • Interactive Award of Excellence (RX Club)
  • Greatest Creators Award (PM360)
  • Best use of Technology (MOMA Awards)
  • 2X Platinum Award – Mobile Integration & Mobile APP (Hermes Creative Awards)
  • Lead Designer
  • Promotional Materials
  • User Experience
  • Strategy

Empowering patients to manage their anemia

There is opportunity to address unmet needs for doctors as well as for their patients with terminal cancer, severe kidney disease, HIV, or facing major surgery, who are put at even greater risk because of dangerously low red blood cell counts—severe anemia. For these patients, there are a mind-boggling number of health parameters to monitor, on which their day-to-day survival depends.

What We Delivered

The Health View App for iPhone was designed to go beyond tracking patients’ vital health, to facilitate real-time information-sharing with physicians. By empowering patients to play a larger role in their own support, and by alerting health care professionals to their patients’ needs at the moment they need it most.

We integrated the iWatch utilizing health kit to monitor different metrics without user input.
Reports were aggregated and delivered to phsyicans to be monitored.