Outcome Health


  • Strategy
  • Art direction
  • Promotion

Fighting cancer with a new kind of therapy

Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight off diseases. Recently  immunotherapy has become an important part of treating types of cancer however many patients are unaware of it as an option. We set out to raise awareness and grow the publics understanding of a the promising new treatment opportunities with immunotherapy.


We interviewed dozens of patients who had made the decision with their doctor to try immunotherapy to treat their cancer. It was profound to hear each of their stories and to understand their challenges. We crafted a story using pieces from each of their journeys to create a compelling narrative that would prompt patients and caretakers to ask their doctors about immunotherapy.

Bringing it to life

We went through many rounds  refining the appropriate story flow and working with health care professionals to ensure medical accuracy. Once solidified we worked with the talented Cutters creative studio in Chicago to bring the journey to life in a beautiful animated tale.

Reaching patient and caretakers where it counts

Moment of care

To prompt dialogue around immunotherapy we launched the story across thousands of waiting rooms across the country. The ability to reach patients and caretakers when they are thinking about their health can have a profound impact on awareness.