Creel Studios


  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • User Interface design

Redefining brokers workflow

Brokers have always been challenged with presenting their listings in the most appealing way. The real estate market is extremely competitive and brokers are constantly looking for tools to increase there efficiency and give them an edge.  Creel Studio reached out to me to solve this issue.

What was delivered

The result was the Creel Mobile App, a platform that allows brokers to quickly film, customize, and share cinematic footage in minutes. I was responsible for the full branding, user experience, and design of this project.

Colors & Material

Persian Green


Green Pea






Mac & Cheese





To achieve the final experience I worked closely with industry professionals to define the tools and function brokers would find most valuable. I then moved into defining  user flows and then iterating on a series of high fidelity prototypes. After the prototypes were scrutinized I moved into the branding and interaction design.